my Cisco Live 2013 US program

Once again I'll be attending Cisco Live 2013 in the United States. This year it's in Orlando, Florida. Below is my tentative schedule although there were some overlap with a few other session that I would have liked to attend. Hope to see a lot of the people I've met at previous Networkers and Lives there too :-)

This is my schedule. There are many like it but this one is mine.

  • BRKOPT-2106 DWDM 101
  • BRKNMS-2517 Operations Architecture
  • BRKCOM-3003 UCS Ethernet Troubleshooting of the uplinks to the Data Center LAN Switches


  • BRKOPT-2117 High Speed WAN Interconnections - Evaluating existing and emerging technologies
  • GENKEY-1295 KEYNOTE: Tomorrow Starts Here
  • BRKARC-3470 Cisco Nexus 7000 Switch Architecture
  • BRKRST-3321 Scaling BGP


  • BRKARC-3472 NX-OS Routing & Layer 3 Switching
  • GENKEY-1296 KEYNOTE: Unlocking the Value of Innovation
  • BRKSPG-2904 ASR-9000/IOS-XR hardware Architecture, QOS, EVC, IOS-XR Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • BRKARC-3453 Nexus 6000  - Architecture of the next-generation Switch for


  • BRKRST-3371 Advances in BGP
  • BRKOPT-2116 High Speed Data Networks - 40G, 100G & Beyond
  • BRKSPG-2333 Securing Cisco ASR 9000 Routers
  • GENKEY-1297 Celebrity Closing Keynote
  • BRKSPG-2905 ISSU on high-end routers

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