junos vrf-import funnies

Consider this configuration:

> show configuration routing-instances VRF1 instance-type vrf; route-distinguisher 42:1; vrf-import [ VRF1-IMPORT VRF-DEFAULT-IMPORT ]; vrf-export [ VRF1-EXPORT VRF-DEFAULT-EXPORT ]; vrf-table-label; > show configuration policy-options policy-statement VRF1-IMPORT from community [ VRF1 VRF2 ]; > show configuration policy-options policy-statement VRF-DEFAULT-IMPORT term cust_routes { from protocol bgp; then default-action accept; } > show configuration policy-options community VRF1 members target:42:1; > show configuration policy-options community VRF2 members target:42:2;

If you configure this on any router on your network, it'll work, VRF will import correct and only correct routes. This will give you assumption, that VRF import in JunOS works like this:

  1. start with empty array of routes to evaluate policy against
  2. when you hit 'match community' push matching routes from bgp.l3vpn.0 to the list
  3. evaluate rules normally against the list

If you create multiple of these to single router, and you only have single 'from community [ X ]' in each, it also works perfectly. However, if you have more than one community in 'from community' AND you have more than one VRF using the 'VRF-DEFAULT-IMPORT' things go wrong. If we have three routes:

  1. RT:42:1
  2. RT:42:1 RT:42:2 RT:42:3
  3. RT:42:1 RT:42:3

VRF1 will correctly import all of these, but it will also leak #2 to other VRFs in same PE having 'VRF-DEFAULT-IMPORT', it won't leak #1 or #3. It's not actually bug, but the fact that it works at all, is side-effect of optimization when route hits exactly 1 'show bgp targets' entry. And evaluation is not done, how the results in the simple test might indicate.


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