Cisco Network^WLive! 2011 Las Vegas Conference report, part 2

Part 2... where we take a stab at the food served one gets for 1700 (thereabouts) bucks at conferences.
When: every day 0700-0800 (one hour only)
What's available: cereal + milk, sugary doughnuts, croissants, bottles of juice or soda pop.
Grade: C-. The time could be longer and the stuff available isn't exactly from the food pyramid either. I did this once and the rest of the time paid for hotel breakfast which was excellent.
When: 11-13 (or thereabouts)
What's available: different menu every day, lots of choices, veggie, meat, fish, salad, etc. Drinks water, icea tea, lemonade, soda pop
Grade: B+. Certainly isn't a Michelin restaurant experience but seemed nutritious enough, wasn't all greased up, there were plenty of choice each day (beef/fish, fish/chicken, chicken, etc.) and always a veggie choice.
When: around 1000, around 1400
What's available: granola bars, sugary coated doughnuts, coffee, tea, water, some fruit, juice, ice cream, ... depending on the day
Grade: B-. Lots of choice. Sometimes the snacks went quite quickly so I didn't get some on a few days when the presentation ended later than planned. Either there were too little snacks to start with or some people stocked up on a load of them.
That's it for the official conference included servings.
I partook in a few extracurricular events as well such as the Data Center of the Future evening party at MIX which had quite good food and the Data Center of the Future customer social event at the Foundation Room which had excellent food and beverages.
Grade: A+
Customer appreciation event
There's probably going to be a better writeup of the CAE later when I remember ;) more of it. ;-) Sufficient to say, the food there was kind of fastfoodish and a lot of people seemed to stay in line all the time to get some of it. I don't think I tasted any with the exception of mac& cheese which I liked. Drinks were aplenty consisting of various beers, some hard liquor and soda pop. The food served at CAE Cisco Live! 2009 in SFO was better I think. Then again, there wasn't any CAE at all in BCN last winter which really, really sucked.
Grade: B
That's it for now, time for lunch. :-)

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